The Settop CellXtrem is a dedicated and reliable solution to provide and receive NTRIP corrections when connected to any GPS manufacturer´s receivers


Obtain the whole potential of Settop DataConvert with its Dongle version, thanks to which one will be able to successfully deal with surveying tasks.


Settop Survey, S.L announce the launch and release of the unique and innovative Settop Battery compatible with Pacific Crest®’s ADL Vantage Radio and Trimble®’s TDL45


GPS RTK Rover users will benefit from working with network RTK corrections in areas with none GSM coverage.


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Settop M1 is the device which permits to control and manage sensor data for monitoring. Know more details.

In this catalogue selection, you will find the latest technology in topographical communications showing our whole product range.

Documents on special auscultation and maritime systems, groundwater monitoring and slopes.

Settop M1 GNSS receiver with remote total station. Know all characteristics.