A chronology of the launches of our custom survey monitoring solutions

At SETTOPSurvey our history is marked by the challenges we have overcome alongside our clients. Custom survey monitoring solutions and dozens of launches of geopositioning hardware and software have marked the days of a team highly motivated by our work since 1988. If you want to learn a bit more about our trajectory, discover the technologies and launches that have gotten us to where we are today. And don’t hesitate to communicate your needs; we’re delighted to keep making history at your side.

Computerized data dumping application. For the time it was a qualitative leap forward as it allowed you to dump field data on a computer and then process the data in CAD, bend it and print it. This was a real revolution at the time and allowed users to greatly increase productivity in land surveying. No longer available      .

Five amp field battery that allowed the continuous use of total stations during a full working day. No longer available.

Developed from the Topograf v1.0 on Windows with upgraded visuals that implemented a new module for editing and representation of layout axes. No longer available.

Intelligent charger with charge and discharge process to prevent the memory effect.

RS232 powered data cable to transfer data from geodimeters and Trimble controllers to PCs. Available.

Cables specifically designed for surveying applications. Available.

Data dump software for geodimeter/Trimble total stations with self orientation process, edit and format conversion to CAD files/field notebook for loading stake-out points. No longer available.

High quality, anti-acid design, teflon covers and separate sections for communication and power supply. Available.

Further development of the Menu 98 with a new transformation module and a layout axis module for total stations and Geodimeters and Trimble controllers. Available.

Land Surveying accessories, Designed specifically for surveyors. Available.

Software to simplify the process of file conversion and data transformation for day to day axis work. Compatible with office software and Trimble equipment. Available.

First dual-frequency GPS receiver developed and manufactured entirely in our laboratories. L1/L2/L5 centimetric precision, compact and the lightest product on the market.

Advanced system for measuring topographical and track parameters: monitoring, control, data collection and stake-out of rail track.

Software developed for monitoring earth and structural movements. Via the use of total stations and GPSs, data from one or more terminals can be monitored thereby ensuring complete geometric control of any possible movements over time.

Integrated Kit for connection to VRS networks through the Internet with Trimble field controllers TSC2 and Recon.

Solution that allows you to work with CORS networks in areas of limited reception for GSM/GPRS transmitting of differential corrections via radio to users.

Software that allows geometric control during bridge thrust. Allows you to monitor data taken from total stations and GPSs on a PC with reference to the axes of the project.

System for remote monitoring that lets the users control and obtain data in real time from equipment stationed at a large distance.

Application for positioning terrestrial or maritime boxes. 

Software that allows geometric control for positioning and anchoring of boxes that form vertical dikes..

Advanced system for measuring parameters of track and topography, incorporating distinct methods of measuring.

First GNSS receiver that integrates all the solutions for land surveying and engineering in one device.

First application for Trimble ACCESS that allows precision trigonometric leveling using a Total Station.

Set of field applications and office utilities for surveying and engineering that supplies specific solutions for highly specialized jobs.