Settop Arch·e


Trimble AccessTM developments 3rd party application.

  • Computerize your archaeological surveys on site. 
  • Automate the positioning and manage your sites rapidly and efficaciously. 
  • Prevent errors and obtain reliable data. Devote more time to study and less to  excavations!

ARCH·e Fieldwork 
ARCH·e Fieldwork is a modular computerized management solution for taking the data of an archaeological site. Thanks to this solution, one can record all those elements needed for a fast and efficacious study, analysis and establishment of hypotheses. 

Optimized work protocols
At a paleontological or prehistoric excavation, establishing an accurate and exhaustive record makes it possible to obtain highly valuable data. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a series of works associated slow, extremely laborious protocols. Thanks to ARCH·e, one can optimize the work protocols with the incorporation of new technologies. As a consequence, we will obtain a substantial improvement in productivity, trust in our data and fast results.     

Dynamic implementation 
The ARCH·e System Fieldwork has been used for recording field data at several of the most important archaeological sites in Europe. Its integration has been fast; it has adapted to the work pace and has invariably improved basic aspects in the standardization of recording processes and homogenizing data. 
Thanks to these high-performance, high-accuracy integrated tools, computerizing work processes now lies within the reach of any archaeologist. Their easy, intuitive use adapts the handling of the applications to users of all kinds who do not need to possess much computer knowledge. 


Modular System.
ARCH·e adapts to the various needs of each user, from the MINI version for fast surveys to the PLUS version for detailed records. Right at the center of the structure we find the ARCH·e Desktop, a computer that centralizes both the storing of the records and the management of the positioning requests. The archaeologist, with his or her PDA, fills in the record fields of the element to be documented and can request the positioning of the piece. This is where the LOCUS system comes into play: It receives the archaeologist’s orders via the Desktop server and automatically gives coordinates to the piece. This information returns to the user, after which the data will be completed in the PDA, sending them to the server so that it definitely records them and thus generates the labels for the storage of the archaeological pieces. 

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