Settop LevelMe. Precision trigonometric leveling

Settop Level Me


Trimble AccessTM developments 3rd party application.

  • Perform High-Accuracy Trig-Levelings with your Total Station. 
  • Fast to handle and highly productive.
  • Generating direct reports from the field and exporting result files.  

Level Me, your best level. The possibility of carrying out accurate leveling with your total station is now within your reach. Now it is easier than ever with the new Level Me module for Trimble Access. High precision in trigonometric leveling. Thanks to the S Series Trimble stations, it is possible to establish a level program that is easy to handle as well as designed for trig-leveling, with results that can compare with a standard Geometric Leveling. The leveling module makes it possible to level in the manner of differential leveling, by using the midpoint method. Now, by using the landmark at a known height and measuring the prism, in Autolock mode in Backsight and Foresight, you can attain the resulting level difference with astonishing precision.  


Distance and level differences are no longer a problem 
One of the major advantages lies in the fact that, as the sights are sloped, there is no limiting distance as is the case with the use of the levels and sights. This makes Level Me the perfect application for increasing leveling length and mountainous terrain performance. You must also select the double leveling to multiply its productivity and perform the loop return measurements during the loop flow.

High-accuracy leveling.
What accuracies are obtained? Obviously, accuracy will depend on the physical characteristics of the measurement along with the angular and distance metric precision of the instrument. On average, with the use of S series Trimble equipment, with sights of up to 100m, which entails 200-m leveling, situated at approximately the midpoint and even on mountainous lands, it is possible to meet First Order Class II leveling specifications, that is, accuracy levels reaching 4mm √Km. If we increase the angular precision with a 1 or 0.5” instrument, one can obtain accuracy levels reaching 2mm √Km.

Configuration and Survey Options.
Use the configuration option to define whether you want to perform a direct and reverse circle Reading and to determine the number of repetitions and cycles of each one of the points taken. You must also select those measures you want to use in a set of readings. Select the work mode between standard and double leveling system. Use the survey mode to take radiated points around the leveling line. Always refer to and manage the results obtained in both the main leveling and the radiated points. 

Generation of direct reports from the field.
Once a leveling line or loop has been created, the software will display the closure of the leveling as well as detailed information of each one of the parts with an extraordinary gain in speed in the data processing. Thanks to the automatic recognition of internal subloops during the closure of a leveling, it will be possible to partially observe the quality of each one of the subloops the leveling loop is composed of. 

Yes, using a high-precision total station you can get very satisfactory results. You can see the case study of expected errors in Downloads section.      

No, Settop Level Me detects if the ending point closes the loop on the starting point or if you are closing a "line" on a point with known elevations. If you are closing a line you will need to input the closing point's elevation.

Yes, all observations can be exported to an ASCII file format or Trimble M5 format and all points observed, could be copied on current job.      

Yes, Trimble M5 format is an ASCII format that can be opened in the Trimble Business Center.

No, sólo se pueden usar estaciones de la gama Trimble S Series.

No, you can only use Trimble S Series Total Stations.  

No, Settop Level Me is now in english, spanish, polish, czech, german, finnish and dannish. If you interested in others languages, contact us.

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